How’s it Goin

My academic adviser pretty much asked me to reconsider joining so many clubs.

Listen, I thought that it was encouraged to join clubs, so why do you gotta do me like that and get me all self-conscious about my schedule? I like to be involved. I’ll rest when I die, thank you, and as far as I’m concerned I’ve got a few more years left.

School has been good. Scratch that. School has been great. Academically. I’m killin’ the classes, but I’ve turned into a potato, socially, but I guess that’s the price I’m willing to pay. I’m part of clubs, I guess, so that’s cool, but to be honest schoolwork has me on my toes all day ever day. Including weekends. And most early hours. My sleep schedule has been… arguably bad the past week or so, but I’m getting by. The worst part is the fact that I feel most productive at nights, leading to very late nights, inevitably early mornings, and long days. But let me tell you what: weeks have been literally flying. I’m about to start a damn airline business called “This Week Inc.” ’cause one moment it’s Monday morning, the next I’m waking up on a Friday. It’s great.

I now understand the angst that is associated with emails. Not checking emails for one day, nay, one hour, is equivalent to leaving the sink running with the drain closed, only to come home and find that the bathroom is flooded and the sewage has backed up. Ok, that was a bit extreme but regardless. However, it’s a great way to convince yourself that you are being productive when in reality you are simply participating in the adult version of an AOL Instant Messaging system.

College has been pretty rad so far. It’s a rewarding kind of tough, but the opportunities are innumerable. My only complaint up to this point is, of course, shower shoes *spits on ground* and my mental state, especially in the past week or so. It has been pretty rough. I catch myself falling into trances of borderline existentialism and the inevitable feeling of something but I always snap out of it when it gets too bad and I realize I’ve got work to do. I’m not going to sugar coat the fact that the life of homework and studying and more studying has been incredibly lonely, but I guess that’s what I’ve gotta do to keep up the grades. Whenever I question my academic choices, I always think of this wonderfully kind maintenance worker I met a few weeks ago, this older man that moved here from Egypt awhile back and worked for Kodak for quite some time. His accented wisdom is always reassuring, and even though I’ve only talked to him once or twice, he might just be one of my favorite people at RIT. Keep it real, Adele.

Writing really helps. And running. If you are ever bummed out, just go for a run, take a shower, maybe do some laundry, and just write. Write all of your problems away, and then look back and see that, even though it was rough, I made it. One step at a time.

Updates soon to come with Walley! I’m gonna try to get him to take a selfie. *GASP*

Also, participated in my first poetry slam competition yesterday, which was AWESOME, so hopefully I can get some pics from that.


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