*sneezes, wipes snot on sleeve*

*looks around*

*at least 3 people saw*


Wow, let me just start by saying that I am back from a hiatus that included a very large portion of time spent on, well, life and stuff. Yup. Life and stuff.

You know how you sometimes have to type summaries of books and paraphrase works of text into short, cannoli-sized chunks? Well, if you don’t, I wouldn’t fret about it, but it would (in fact) render this analogy completely useless. If you do, however, you realize that it can be quite the arduous task. Much has happened, and I’m not upset about it. I personally think that my absence from the blogging world is indicative of the pace at which things have been moving, and that there is a direct correlation between free time and blogs per week. (bpw, if you will. It can be any unit of time, as long as you maintain the numerator.)

Let’s see if I can hit a few highlights:

  • I made it through 2016 *cheers*
  • I went on a really cool cruise where I became an illegal-botanist. Inquire within for more.
  • I overcame “break-blues” with destructive, re-creative art. My current favorite.
  • I got to see my family over break and that was really nice.
  • I came back to school. *cheers, but now hesitant*
  • I am officially in a relationship.
  • I am very busy. A direct result of my tendency to always wanting to do more. I am starting to accept this as a good thing.
  • School is going well.
  • The Freshman Imaging Project is moving along. The pace of this particular project is usually a good indicator of how I am feeling.
  • I got an on-campus job working in my academic building’s stockroom. Exciting.
  • I am going to be applying for a summer job. Actually exciting.
  • I have been writing quite a bit. Not on here, obviously, but in my journal.
  • I have been at war with myself over internalized struggles about life and purpose. Exciting, but debilitating at times.
  • I will have Domino’s Pizza today.
  • I am sick. Which is unfair because I already conquered one strain of this season’s disease. I should be done. I have, it seems, only won the biological battle and not the biological war.

There is much, much more. However, if I were to spend every minute of my day trying to recount every little thing that happened, I would be taking away from my ability to live in the present. Besides, my journal covers quite a bit of those pesky details I don’t feel need to be shared with the world. Writing is healing, and I tend to enjoy to heal alone. Unless it’s with my pals from back home. Shout out to you folks. I am very grateful for all of you. I am also very grateful for everything in general, especially my family and my opportunities and the fact that it snows. Much much more.

Lots of change! INSANITY! Life moves at a very fast pace. Except for on Tuesdays and part of Wednesdays. And that last little bit of Thursday. It really is hard to qualify stuff like that. I am no Time Lord. That would be quite the task.

Well, off to do homewo- I mean get the contact address for Domino’s. And work. The perks of the stockroom job is that it is very easy-going and, well, equivalent to a paid-study hall, with networking benefits.

Wish me luck.

I’m going to try and not be such a stranger.


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