From the Plant Alchemist

Snapchat-545845021.jpg*taps mic*

*it is most certainly on*

*throw it into the abyss*

*it actually has a cord attached to it, so it only kinda makes it into the abyss,,, it’s just sort of dangling there*

*the screams from the abyss are now amplified*





I honestly think that the triple comma thing grammatical technique should be standardized. I think a lot of things. Yeah.

So, since I last wrote on this rather dusty URL (and I hope to begin to blow off that dust and maybe wipe it off and put a nice vase on it with some flowers and such) I have:

  1. Been on sprang break. Yeehaw.
  2. Got a summer job here at RIT as a “Photographer and Image Data Technician” wow,,, super fancy eh?
  3. I think I’m going to be taking a glass working class next semester, and I am very very very excited about it… just need to make sure I’ll still graduate in 4 years…
  4. Written A LOT,,, so much. My private journal holds all of my other thoughts and adventures, thus the digital form of writing has been lacking.
  5. I’m still in school, and I’m still doing well in academics and such. Another yeehaw.
  6. Been going through a very interesting and (frankly, quite painful) emotional metamorphosis that involves my struggle with both universal and personal concepts and morals,,, I have likened it to being “emotionally tectonic.” There has been some fundamental shift in my brain, like a tectonic plate, that is just making things rather difficult. However, although there is lava spewing from the cracks, I will not allow it to harden. That would be too easy. I’d say I’m on a personal mission to “find myself” or “unravel the secrets of the universe” but that would be too cliche. It is difficult to describe, but regardless, I am evolving. Not changing. I don’t like the idea of change. It’s like throwing away everything else and starting over. Evolving means growing from the past. I feel better about evolving.
  7. Damn, number 6 was a real train-wreck. Sorry about that.
  8. I’m currently trying to grow basil in my room. It is the highlight of my day, getting to wake up and chat with my plants for a bit. I will be rather devastated if at least one doesn’t sprout, but that’s how life goes I guess. Lots to be learned from plants.
  9. Lists really don’t cut it.
  10. There’s much more.

But yeah, I think I’m going to try and start to blog more. I have been really cooped up in my head for the past month or so, and let me tell you, it can be a shitstorm. Like a ball of yarn… no,… twine. Twine is a better metaphor. Like a big, twisted ball of twine that I’m trying to unravel, but the coarse fibers of the twine keep coming loose and I end up pulling on the piece of fiber instead of the entire twine string segment and I ruin it, and it becomes more tangled. Sorta like that, but maybe the twine has been soaked in gasoline and it’s really close to a match. That was kind of extreme. Unless you are into extreme knitting. That would be an interesting concept.

Daredevil grannies compete for the prize in this year’s “X-Treme Knitting Showdown” featuring blazing balls of combustible yarn.

Well then.

What I’m trying to really get at here is that everything has been really wonky, but writing and art certainly help.

I hope to be more active here, but these next 40 days should be… well,,, interesting. Project deadline and the like.


I hope you all are doing okay. I sincerely hope that.



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