Bringing Flowers to a Plant Funeral

Sure, living in the moment can be healthy. However, pretending that the world is going to end in 5 minutes every half an hour can be taxing. I need to find a balance.

One of my dear plants, Ramshackle, has died after getting sick. It was painful to watch, but I know that I did my best, which is what matters I guess. The circle of life and all that jazz.

An interesting concept: A fire detector being on fire. I think this kind of summarizes where I am at this point in the semester. There a fire within me, and I am screaming hysterically. Progress ensues.

We learned about the sea squirt in Vision class. The sea squirt, supposedly, digests its own brain and nervous system after finding a place to live. This stemmed from a discussion presented by someone who claims that the ONLY reason we have a brain is to move. Nothing else. I disagree, but it’s an interesting concept. Don’t be a sea squirt. Don’t stop moving. Don’t digest your brain. There’s too much goodness in the world to stop moving and digest yourself. Don’t be a sea squirt.

A rabbit has a nearly 360 degree field of view. Jealous?

Also, our eyes are small dipoles. Pretty neato.

I enjoyed my first cup of coffee this past week. Before, it had always just been consumed for the simple sake of energy. But. I actually enjoyed it, to an extent. I’m kind of afraid. I still don’t like the taste, but I think my taste buds might be doing a thing. Neato.

I’m not sure how I’ve been doing. It has been rather wonky. Almost done with my first year of college, though, so that’s… terrifying, but I just have to keep my eyes open and my head up. I know, for one thing, that I’m moving. I have a brain, after all.


I hope that you are doing alright. I genuinely mean that.


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