Beethoven and Burritos

*flips an egg without getting any of the leakies all over the stove*


I can not ignore the fact that I, did, in fact, set off the fire alarm in my apartment after an (apparantely) smokey cooking sesh with some potatoes and chicken, a current staple. My dinner every day (which I always wholesomely look forward to cooking) consists of the following:

  • A large flour tortilla, coated with butter and pepper on the inside
  • Two eggs, in pancake form
  • Two potatoes, sliced
  • 4-5 pieces of chicken (depending on the size of the potatoes)
  • Some *cringes* vegetables. Gotta get them vitaminsandminerals™
  • A whole lotta love
  • Some Beethoven music (a recent addition)
  • And juice.
  • Maybe a pickle.

I also now cook with my door open so I don’t encounter the fire alarms again. Not a comfy situation.

I bring delightful news: my basil plants, two of which have survived the journey with me ever since the day I planted them last semester, are doing marvelously and are *I think* ready for the first harvest. This brings me incredible amounts of joy and pride. My children have done so well. #proud

I am now on my 4th week of work, which is super exciting and kinda crazy to think about. If I had to summarize what I have been doing in my job for the majority of the time, it would be: Photoshop. Lots and lots of Photoshop. Wowzers. Still not very good at it, but I’m learning, which is important. I do more than just Photoshop, but that’s the cool part. And some photography, which is also super cool, but nothing aesthetic. In fact, the opposite. Still get experience though, so that is pretty far out. All good stuff.

Running is going great, and might just be the best parts of my day. I have found myself caught in a tide of being perpetually tired despite not feeling as though I have actually done anything (a classic move by Gregor), but running makes everything much better. I am now officially registered for the Rochester Marathon, so I guess you could say we are pretty serious 😉

Counting down the days till I leave for my adventure out west. Beyond excited to go do some quality adventuring.

Nothing much else is new, I suppose. Kind of monotonous. Wake up, run, shower, eat, work, eat, work, run, eat and,,, well, the rest of the day is a toss up, but I’m usually pretty worn down by then. The cyclic lifestyle kind of terrifies me, but maybe it’s just the job environment. Eight hours in a windowless room a day can really do a number on ya. Pretty grateful for everything though. Everything is pretty alright.

I have begun the journey of learning how to develop my own black and white film in the darkroom, which I am SUPER EXCITED about. 😀

I’m almost done with my second journal and I *hope* to be through it before I leave for my trip, because it is THIQUE, like, a pain to carry around, so I hope to migrate to a smaller, lighter one before that time comes to make writing a bit easier on me during the trip. We shall see.

Also, I am planning on starting a new series of posts centered around really bad MS Paint drawings (my aesthetic) and my textual interpretation of them. Gives me something to do every day at lunch, as well as provide a creative outlet to SPEAK TO THE WORLD THROUGH ART AND FEELINGS. ™


As always, I hope that you are doing okay. I mean it.

I have accepted that my mind is a


so I am becoming a


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