Opus 1

Opus 1

This is the artist’s very first piece in this expressive series, and denotes the genesis of expression and feelings through the digital medium which is, of course, Microsoft Paint. The artist’s choice to portray two creatures interacting in this scene really encapsulates the overall genre of it, namely, that of the subtle innocence involved with social interaction which is usually glossed over by hubris and folly. This particular interaction transcends that of face-value social interaction however, and journeys into the realm of self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. The artist, here, shows a “Doggo” and a “Snek” interacting in, what seems to be, a friendly conversation. Despite their difference in species, they can still interact with each other wholesomely and with friendliness. The characters in this scene have been stripped of conscious inhibitions and can, therefore, cooperate peacefully and on a fundamental level, rather that waste time with pleasantries and other facades. Connecting with somebody on this kind of plane is rare, especially at first, but the artist hopes to show that anybody, even a dog and a snake, can break down social barriers and connect with each other. The difference in speech bubble color is representative of the difference in communication techniques and styles, because everyone communicates differently. The respective creatures’ dwelling places, portrayed adjacent to each, symbolize how we can all live, not only within ourselves, but with others, in a peaceful coexistence. The artist encourages everyone to be accepting and understanding, and suggests to always remember that:

It is all about perspective.

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