Opus 2

Opus 2

In this piece, the artist draws upon their knowledge of amphibious creatures to recreate what is, arguably, the the most poorly drawn lizard in existence. Nevertheless, this may have been an aesthetic choice. The lizard, like the rest of us, has two eyes, a tongue, and thoughts (here represented by the miscellaneous shapes and colors). As you may have observed, there are many different colors. This is very, very important to the artist. By using different shapes and different colors to represent thoughts and memories, joy and sorrow, and all of the feelings that are universal to us all, they suddenly become more grounded in reality. In fact, so grounded, that we might just reach out and grab them (observe that the lizard is, in fact, grabbing a piece of mellow sadness, a waning blue moon). The lizard is also surrounded by other thoughts: The “Grape Leaf Purple” object represents that of longing, and is situated right above the lizard’s eyes, just out of sight. The other “Grape Leaf Purple” object is the same feeling, but off in the distance, far out of reach. There is also a speech bubble, representing how our emotions can influence our words and our verbal expressions, and is colored dark slate. This color, representative of our steadfast tendencies to resist our emotions, is accompanied by the text which contains some pink, emotions that have leaked through. The artist encourages everyone to let those emotions do just that: leak. Be a leaky person, a leaky, emotional person and let your feelings, your passions, soak into every inch of your words, your movements, your being.

Please, please don’t give up on your emotions. They are real, they are shapes, they have color.

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