Opus 3

Opus 3

At first glance, this abstract piece may seem to be rooted in a (what we may call) a true reality, something that is grounded in previous, valid experiences. However, at second glance, we can see that the artist has expanded upon what we initially perceive as “true” into something that is “untrue,” or, exactly what you would expect it NOT to be. The dog, for instance, is represented geometrically, a common artistic style often utilized by the artist, and appears to be levitating above the floor in relation to the window and the ceiling light. Can we truly believe our initial perception? A closer look might prove that this is simply a hyper-geometric mural of a dog, or simply a projection of a dog from an off-scene device. Moreover, who is to discount that the wall, in that specific area, is not a slit in the spatial dimension of the current universe presented, and the dog is merely “bleeding over” into the current dimension, namely, the one under artistic review? The artist has appeared to leave that up to the viewer and their own doctrines. The coloration of the dog also appears to represent something that transcends analysis. The choice of maroon as a base color (accompanied by a medley of other hues for aesthetic purposes) gives the piece a very subdued mood, and is indicative of the peaceful yet gripping view presented by the window. Outside the window there appears to be a scenic vista with a baby/robin egg blue sky and a rolling landscape. However, since we have previously discussed the cut in the spatial geometry of this universe, this may not be an ordinary dimension, so it would be a mistake to discount the fact that the sky might be green and the ground might be blue, therefore swapping the ordinary order as we know it. Or, more interestingly, the house might be upside down in this other dimension, in which case the natural order would be restored, except for the coloration of the observable world. Moving on to the clouds, or, what appear to be clouds. These framed-puffs that represent clouds are similar in appearance to speech bubbles. This is intriguing, for it holds a large amount of metaphorical weight. Perhaps the artist was using this to represent all of the unspoken words, the missed opportunities, the regrets of the world. Empty speech bubbles, manifested into clouds. How pleasantly we may enjoy the clouds created by others, their pains being our joys.

How terrifying!

Looking up into the sky to see all of the world’s pain, and smiling at its beauty. Yet, when it rains, when the problems are solved and the weary may once again cry, we run indoors and watch from our windows, a great sign of relief, but not ours.

We were there with the clouds in the sun, but when the time for relief arrives, we unfold our umbrellas and scurry on home to dwell upon our own clouds, to our own empty speech bubbles.

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