Gravity, As A Human Construct


I mean, if you think about it, gravity was named by humans, and the protocols we use to describe it were also established by humans. I’ve been imaging other situations where everything is different. The way we have now tends to be convenient, however, I think it would do us well to think about things differently.

I have been in a state of mind that, I would argue, is rather uncomfortable. I feel kind of clogged.

Imagine that I gave you a list of 5 people that you knew. During a week, with one person on Monday, another person on Tuesday, and so on like that, you would have to tell that person how you really feel about them. This is kind of terrifying to imagine, but also exciting. I don’t know if I’m in a state right now to handle the possible repercussions of this task, but I really like the idea. I’m usually pretty honest, but I can be quiet.

Quiet honesty, quite honestly, is the most dangerous kind of honesty, honey.

I have finally recovered from my marathon last weekend. After a week of wincing up stairs and walking with a metaphorical stick up my ass, I can now resume being a regular human. I seemed to have broken a blood vessel or something underneath my big toenail, so I hope that isn’t anything serious. I’ll just wait it out I suppose. I would hate to have to amputate it, though. I like my big toe. Maybe I should look into that.

But yeah, I’ve been having the feeling that I am not treating my feelings and emotions with enough respect. I tend to push them aside to get work done. Academics and emotions. A delicate balance.

Otherwise, I am doing pretty alright. I got a job as a Math and Physics tutor, and I absolutely love it. Like, I genuinely enjoy every minute of it. Makes me wonder about where I really want to end up. There is still so much to learn.


A new mindset, can make the world of a difference. Try on a new size every once in awhile. Stay up late. The night air is quiet and exciting. Be part of something.


It’s muddy, and my thoughts stick to the bottoms of my shoes. Gonna have to poke that shit off with a stick.

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