In Time

My Priest says that we all die in the dark, And that all driftwood ends up in one place. I wonder what he knows about Heaven. My cousin says that the shore suffers beneath the surf, And that this tropical erosion is the worst kind of pain. I wonder what he knows about the Grand […]

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He jabbed the knife into the side of a sycamore, and began to etch a heart. “This will be here forever,” he strained as he pushed the blade deeper into the trunk “to remind you of our love.” He looked over his shoulder and grinned, eyes twinkling with unbridled excitement. The shredded bark fell from […]

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Jolly and Dreich

Cookie woman and flip-flop boy left for the ocean, And they send us purple packages tied up with blue screams. Don’t let the wrapping deceive you, though: These are gifts of whale-song.    

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You Use a Coat Rack?

“Well now I just feel silly.” he looked down at the paper bag in his hand. “Who buys a scone at 10pm?” The feeling of you is intoxicating enough to make this scone worth it. …and this scone is very dry.  

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