Some Kind of Lesson: Intro

Samuel doesn’t like to wake up early, but recently there hasn’t been much else to look forward to. Twin sized beds feel larger when you’re alone, and as his old hand reached across the prairie of linen to his nightstand, he nearly returned to sleep. His alarm was relentless, though, and persisted with its yelling. After muttering some variety of curses and putting the alarm in its place with a passive aggressive swat he tuned into NPR for his morning conversation. Upright he sat on the bedside, his old spine sagging over his knees as he rubbed his wrinkled arms with slow fingers. His back faced the only wall in the small room with a window. Blinds sagged across the glass, and the 6 am light fought to enter the space.

“This week on NPR: Morning Edition we will be starting our new series, titled Lessons. We will be bringing in one individual each morning to share with us their experiences on selected topics, and what they have learned along the way. Be sure to join us tomorrow morning for our first installment, where we will be talking about Forgiveness with a local from our very own Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This has been Josephine Forgetmenot, with NPR’s Morning Edition.”

Sam groaned, rocked himself upright, and started his morning routine as the next reported talked about something political.



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