Spent some time in this beautiful country. Iceland is like a lion: beautiful, majestic to behold, but savage beyond compare when tested.

Like Father Like Son

  Not too shabby for an old guy 😉   Congrats on doing what most people would only ever talk about, and for making a dream a reality. That takes some serious guts. Looking forward to hearing your stories in person, but until then, work on that tan. ❤

Wanderings of Walley: 1

Position: Missouri, along the Missouri River.  All is well with our adventurer! Headwinds have been rough as of recent from what I have been told, but altogether a great time out there! Have fun on the trails! We’re rooting for ya pops, keep it up!

Day 7

That’s all folks. I’ll write a follow up sometime later but for now I’m just going to relax. Thanks to all for the encouragement and for supporting the cause. It has been a great time ☺