Is there something beyond the sickness, Something we can’t feel, Except at the times when the plague is forgotten, A momentary lapse of happiness, A partition of the curtain, To let the spear of light shine through, And pierce our soul, But leave it crippled and split, Fodder for the masses, To bend as they … More Beyond

The Eclipse

The Earth and the Moon, Celestial Bodies floating in equality, Share but one common source from which to thrive. The Sun grants the Opportunity, and both accept its radiance, But it is the Earth that is greater, more worthy. Why, in the midst of such chances, does the Earth excel, While the Moon is left … More The Eclipse


The icy wind howls, Or is it: The cool wind blows? The frightening chill, And the agonizing cold, Is what makes winter great, For it strengthens the appreciation of Warmth, comfort, and safety, Items of convenience that are often taken for granted. It is the sled rides with friends, The snowball fights with neighbors, And … More Winter


The monotonous life Has the light and the darkness, The joy and the pain, Or is it, The pain and relief of pain? Is this nothing but a life of Pushing through suffering, Sadness, To at once be relieved of it all? Is life nothing but living in darkness, Only to temporarily see the light? … More Checkpoints