Opus 2

In this piece, the artist draws upon their knowledge of amphibious creatures to recreate what is, arguably, the the most poorly drawn lizard in existence. Nevertheless, this may have been an aesthetic choice. The lizard, like the rest of us, has two eyes, a tongue, and thoughts (here represented by the miscellaneous shapes and colors). … More Opus 2

Opus 1

This is the artist’s very first piece in this expressive series, and denotes the genesis of expression and feelings through the digital medium which is, of course, Microsoft Paint. The artist’s choice to portray two creatures interacting in this scene really encapsulates the overall genre of it, namely, that of the subtle innocence involved with social … More Opus 1


and OTHER ASSORTED PASTRIES. *sneezes, wipes snot on sleeve* *looks around* *at least 3 people saw*   Wow, let me just start by saying that I am back from a hiatus that included a very large portion of time spent on, well, life and stuff. Yup. Life and stuff. You know how you sometimes have … More HOLY CANNOLI