Forgotten Analogies

A concept: Canadian Maple Syrup Pipelines. There must be an economy built around the illegal transportation of maple syrup from Canada to the United States. Think about it. The maple syrup industry is too damn big for, what seems like, a niche market. A multi-million dollar industry built on occasional Sunday morning pancake breakfasts? I … More Forgotten Analogies

This Must Be It!

*Sits up, rubs eyes, yawns* Let’s do this. I have shaken away the cobwebs of summer and I am now in the thick of school. The shaking must have been quite jarring, however, since I do feel rather overwhelmed and submerged by obligations, and my mind often reels and twitches in the late hours for … More This Must Be It!

Opus 3

At first glance, this abstract piece may seem to be rooted in a (what we may call) a true reality, something that is grounded in previous, valid experiences. However, at second glance, we can see that the artist has expanded upon what we initially perceive as “true” into something that is “untrue,” or, exactly what … More Opus 3

Opus 2

In this piece, the artist draws upon their knowledge of amphibious creatures to recreate what is, arguably, the the most poorly drawn lizard in existence. Nevertheless, this may have been an aesthetic choice. The lizard, like the rest of us, has two eyes, a tongue, and thoughts (here represented by the miscellaneous shapes and colors). … More Opus 2