Some Kind of Lesson: Regret

Sam woke up to the sound of mourning doves cooing. He looked over to the alarm clock, his thick glasses distorting the bright red digits that told the time. 6:32 am. He panicked, realizing that he had forgotten to set his alarm, and he moved quickly to slap on the radio. “… and that’s all […]

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Some Kind of Lesson: Intro

Samuel doesn’t like to wake up early, but recently there hasn’t been much else to look forward to. Twin sized beds feel larger when you’re alone, and as his old hand reached across the prairie of linen to his nightstand, he nearly returned to sleep. His alarm was relentless, though, and persisted with its yelling. After […]

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Podcasts of the Dead

The ancient figure bent over, and the dust shook from its eyes. “Think about these things,” it snarled “and be sure to call me if you need anything.” The mountain then proceeded to swallow it whole.

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Some Political Ranting

So if you know me in person, or if you have seen the campaign pins that live on the strap of my book bag, you know that I am a Bernie supporter. For the first time in my life, I have taken an interest in politics or, for that matter, anything history related (with thanks […]

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Nonsense Napping

It has been a long day. Too long. My bags fall off of my body in a discordantly sloppy way, much like a narcoleptic horse might collapse after running full speed only to find the ground swiftly approaching him after falling into an instantaneous sleep. My bed calls to me like a chorus of sirens, […]

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The Typical New Years Post…?

I WILL NOW LIST MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS WHICH INCLUDE WORKING OUT AND DRINKING WATER AND … which is usually how I would set up a resolution post to herald in the new year, but this year I want it to be different. This is an extremely important year for me and any other seniors […]

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Is there something beyond the sickness, Something we can’t feel, Except at the times when the plague is forgotten, A momentary lapse of happiness, A partition of the curtain, To let the spear of light shine through, And pierce our soul, But leave it crippled and split, Fodder for the masses, To bend as they […]

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Paper on the US Adolescence

So for English this year we had to read this excerpt from the book A Tribe Apart, and write a page response on it. The article was about America’s adolescence and how we can be volatile and misunderstood and all that great stuff you hear about all the time. I kinda liked the paper, so I […]

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