I clicked back to my earlier and more vulnerable years (Gatsby reference yo?) at the Blogspot dashboards from whence I came and I’ve got to say it makes me really satisfied to know it has been almost two years since my first ever post, however awful it was. In this time, I’ve discovered a few […]

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Considering a creative writing minor instead of journalism…? As far as I’m concerned I’m still heading off to New Zealand to become a shepherd sooo yeah.

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Starting a PenPal Account

Due to my interests in exploring the world (some day), I have decided to start a PenPal account, after remembering how cool it was when I was in elementary school. The thing about it is I’m just as shy on the internet as I am in person so it kinda sucks trying to talk to […]

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Writing Music

Need to crank out a quick essay because you were too busy playing video games? (I know, I know, that’s preposterous) but just in case here is a sick mix that has helped me quite a bit, but it’s not like I need it *cough*

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Keeping a Paper Journal

Back in the good ol’ days I had this leather bound journal that I used to write in, but there is still some space (a lot of space actually). I’m not sure if I should pursue doing another journal. I really liked it due to how personal you could get (not that I don’t get […]

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The Eclipse

The Earth and the Moon, Celestial Bodies floating in equality, Share but one common source from which to thrive. The Sun grants the Opportunity, and both accept its radiance, But it is the Earth that is greater, more worthy. Why, in the midst of such chances, does the Earth excel, While the Moon is left […]

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Think Time in the Camry

So during one of the snowstorms that blew through here a week or so ago, I was driving home from somewhere and I came to another random and completely useless epiphany. You know when the wind is blowing sideways when you are driving and its snowing or raining and you can feel it blow on you. […]

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Finding Family

So today in yet another one of my “blank-stare-but-I’m-actually-thinking” moments, I thought about how my family has roots in Italy and to a lesser degree Croatia, and I started to try to comprehend how even though I have family in those parts of the world, we know almost nothing about each other, despite the fact […]

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