and OTHER ASSORTED PASTRIES. *sneezes, wipes snot on sleeve* *looks around* *at least 3 people saw*   Wow, let me just start by saying that I am back from a hiatus that included a very large portion of time spent on, well, life and stuff. Yup. Life and stuff. You know how you sometimes have … More HOLY CANNOLI


Crawling. Speed crawling. With fervor. It is a crawl that I have come to enjoy, but a crawl nevertheless. Ready for a break and to see the family, and t0 come back running toward college life with a crazed and ceaseless passion. Loving what I do, and extremely grateful for all of the opportunities being … More Alive

Like Father Like Son

  Not too shabby for an old guy 😉   Congrats on doing what most people would only ever talk about, and for making a dream a reality. That takes some serious guts. Looking forward to hearing your stories in person, but until then, work on that tan. ❤