Doing It

Little did the Rabbit know, Painted on the winter snow Was crimson Blood from Heartbeat’s end. Rabbit never spoke again.

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Balance and Clarity

“Weeeelp, I recon there’s but one worthy way to live in this here world boy, which is to passionately chase things unknown.” The man rubbed his eyes, and disappeared into the forest.

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Window boy has window thoughts, Clear but smudged in certain spots. He fogs the glass with shaky sighs, And falls asleep to brassy skies.

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That emotion is outside of my Mind’s jurisdiction. Please refer to my Heart for any and all legislative action regarding that feeling.

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Looking Glass

“What could you possibly be looking at? There’s nothing there!” / “It’s a habit. Some people smoke. Others chew gum. I, for one, aimlessly stare.”

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Spent some time in this beautiful country. Iceland is like a lion: beautiful, majestic to behold, but savage beyond compare when tested.

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