The Legume Lagoon

Her lips are a natural cherry red, as though she had just eaten a bowl of them. She is ocean spray and moonlight, adventure and safety. Evening rain and morning snow. Beautiful, and refreshing. It’s hard to tell the difference between coincidental and prophetic, but my darling is both. The heavens rejoice and the infernos kneel … More The Legume Lagoon


“And so you are going abroad; and when do you return? But that’s a useless question. You hardly know when you are coming back, You will find so much to learn.” -T.S. Eliot, Portrait of a Lady Big plans for this summer. 😀

Nightmare Naps

These memories didn’t stick around for reality’s inspection. So here they are, in nap-time nightmares, flooding me with fragments of the past, of things recently remembered and recently forgotten. Break is going well, ready to get back into some academia though. Inspired by the challenges ahead.

Forgotten Analogies

A concept: Canadian Maple Syrup Pipelines. There must be an economy built around the illegal transportation of maple syrup from Canada to the United States. Think about it. The maple syrup industry is too damn big for, what seems like, a niche market. A multi-million dollar industry built on occasional Sunday morning pancake breakfasts? I … More Forgotten Analogies